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Screen Printing

Screen printing apparel offers numerous positives, including vibrant and durable prints that can withstand frequent washing and wear. It allows for customization, making it ideal for creating personalized garments, team uniforms, and promotional merchandise.

Screen printing also offers versatility, accommodating various fabric types and sizes.

However, a negative to consider is that screen printing can be costly for small quantities, as it requires setup time and screens for each colour of a design. 



Embroidering apparel offers several positives, including a high-end and professional look that adds texture and dimension to garments. It provides durability, as embroidered designs are resistant to fading and washing. Embroidery allows for intricate detailing and a wide range of thread colours, making it perfect for logos, monograms, and intricate designs. 


Laser Etching

With access to cutting edge laser etching technology we are able to produce some stand out branding solutions. Whether it is a lasered leather badge or subtle tone on tone etching on a softshell jacket, laser etching opens a new world of decorating. Get in touch today to see if lasering is right for your branding idea. 


Promotional Products

We are able to provide a huge range of promotional products, from lasered etched drink bottles to branded sunglasses and everything in between. See our partner for our complete promotional item catalogue.  


Hybrid Transfers

Hybrid transfers are created with a combination of digital and screen printing techniques. 

 Hybrid transfers can go beyond CMYK, giving us the ability to print millions of colours and reproduce nearly any design with minimal limitations.

Unlike one-size-fits-all transfers, we make our transfers specifically for the material they’re going to be applied to. So, whether it’s a t-shirt, jacket, cap or bag, the transfer will survive whatever life throws at it. Independent testing proves that even after 70 washes, they’ll still look great. Plus, they’re made with water-based inks and certified OEKO-TEX 100, so you can be confident they’re non-toxic.


Graphic Design

All of our graphic design (shirt mock up, logo design, etc) is done in house. Our design style caters to the oldschool feel, taking inspiration from years past. Have a hand drawn design that you would like digitised? We can do that too.


Stickers are something that we do more and more of. It is one of the only services that we offer that we don't do in house. However the company we work with to get our stickers made is someone who we have worked with closely for a while and who holds their level of quality up to the highest standard. Our stickers are digitally printed and then cut to shape using a vinyl cutter. They are available in two different finishes; matte or gloss.

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